Let's say you stumble upon a great idea one morning while still half asleep and rolling out of the bed. For the rest of the day you can't stop thinking about the idea and how this idea will totally solve a very real-world problem in an industry that you are passionate about! You hijack a white-board in your office and start drawing the idea - but then you realize right in the middle of that great idea sits a black box that will require some innovative technology, an area that falls completely outside of your expertise.
You ask some friends about that black box you encountered and they tell you it's going to cost you an arm and a leg ... a liver and a kidney as well as a pile of cash if it's possible to do ...
Then MyCee comes into the picture, you share your idea in as much detail as possible, explain how you envision it should work and why you think it's a great idea. MyCee's team of think tanks then work out how to fill in the black box after which we give it to our engineers to fill in the finer details.
After the problem is solved on paper, we look at the business aspect, setup a business plan to make sure the idea is viable. If the idea is viable, MyCee will give you the option to have MyCee as your technology partner which means MyCee will carry part of the risk of getting your idea out there. Once a deal has been agreed on and the business side is taken care of, MyCee's Think Tanks and Engineers will get to work immediately!

If part of the launch strategy is to to grow from zero to millions of users in a very short span of time, our engineers might implement the solution on Google's infrastructure, Amazon's infrastructure or some other reliable cloud solutions.
If growth is expected to be less rapid and manageable, we could even turn your datacenter into a high-availability cluster with failover and redundancy or build a private cloud to ensure that you always have capacity, even during busy times. In the event that you need to accept payments, we'll integrate your system with a PCI-Compliant payment gateway.

While your visionary idea is launching, we'll stay in mission-control and ensure the technology powering your new business remains up to date and scales with your business requirements.