The name MyCee came into being after an experimental name generator was built that generated words based on a finite automata language acceptor model of common, English-like, non-dictionary words. Years later a client from Indonesia introduced herself as Mycee - when asked what her name means, she said her parents gave it to her and said it meant beauty, elegance and simplicity ...

Jan Vladimir Mostert

Jan Vladimir Mostert Jan founded MyCee in 2004 with the aim of getting hands-on industry experience while completeing his studies. He completed his BEngSci Computer Systems degree at the University of Stellenbosch combining the best of Electronic Engineering, Computer Science (Hons) and Applied Maths (Hons). He has since done related work in Telecoms, Retail, Recruitment, Events, Tourism, Aviation, Financial Services, Marketing and Insurance. He brings to the table the technical skills neccesary to get your project from the drawing board to the product phase.

Joseph Brooks

Joseph Brooks Joseph joined MyCee in 2011 as a shareholder and member. He has done design work for large companies in just about every industry imaginable, closed all those deals himself, managed several enormous projects from the first meeting to the inception phase through the development phase into exponential revenue growth for the companies and he's been involved in three startups prior to MyCee. He brings with him the design skills, startup experience and project management experience needed to successfully deliver projects on time.