MyCee Technologies is a Technology Incubation Company utilizing Think Tanks to morph your Visionary and Entrepreneurial ideas into Viable SaaS Business Solutions.
We will help you get from the idea phase into startup phase, patent your idea if it's novel, scale it in the cloud if high volume is expected, connect it to a payment gateway if accepting online payments and stay in mission control while you launch your business.

Let's say you stumble upon a great idea one morning while still half asleep and tumbling out of bed. For the rest of the day you can't stop thinking about how this idea will solve a complex, real-world problem and how this idea can potentially revolutionize an industry you are passionate about.

You spend the rest of the day planning, but soon realize that right in the middle of your ingenious idea sits a black box that will require technological innovation, something that falls outside of your expertise, and funding, something which you don't have immediate access to.

Then you partner with MyCee. You present your visionary idea to our panel of think tanks who will then work closely with our engineers to make it happen - reducing the need for venture capital. This means you can focus on your core business while we sit in mission-control.